Friday, December 1, 2017

'Gilded Horizons'

'Gilded Horizons' show at Merry Karnowsky Gallery (aka KP Projects)
November 11th~ December 9th 2017
with Johnny 'KMNDZ' Rodriguez, JP Neang, Jean-Pierre Arboleda, Melany Meza_Dierks.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Moniker Art Fair in London.

'Madamme Una'

Exhibited at Moniker Art Fair in London, UK.
October 5th~8th 2017

This body of work inspired by vintage posters.

See the rest by clicking below!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Moniker Art Fair in London!

Happy to announce that I will be showing some new works 
at this year's Moniker Art Fair in London, England.

Collector's VIP preview : Thursday, October 5th 2017
Open to public : Friday to Sunday, October 6th ~ 8th 2017

I'll be at Thinkspace Gallery booth Friday evening.

Check Thinkspace blog HERE for more detailed info.
Check Moniker Art Fair site HERE.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

'As I Fall' 48 hours Time Limited Print Sale!

The print 'As I Fall' will be available for 48 hours this coming weekend!

This will be a Time Limited Edition.
The sale starts on Saturday, March 18th 12am (midnight) Pacific Time and ends after 48 hours.
If you order within the 48 hours, you will be guaranteed a print!
The sale will close on Sunday, March 19th 11:59pm Pacific Time.
The edition size is determined by how many orders were made within the 48 hours.

(Check beginning time here for exact time and date for your time zone. End time here.)

Available for purchase on Static Medium Shop.

~ 18" x 24" (including 1/8" white border)
~ framing option available (scroll below) 
~ giclee print on 100% archival cotton rag paper
~ signed and numbered on the image area
~ limit of two per person

~ unframed 
price: $135
~ framed price: $390
shipping/handling: calculated in check out

We ship worldwide.

The 'As I Fall' print has a framing option.

A beautiful black moulding, personally picked out by myself.
Conservationally framed with UV-filtered acrylic.
Acid-free backing and spacers to allow the print to breathe.
Approximately 21" x 27" with frame.

Made by a super skilled framer with over 15 years experience!

Prints are signed in the image area (not in the white space under the image).
So if/when you would like it to get framed, you do not have to leave a white border around the image. This way, it will look more like the original!
If you prefer a white border, you must get it matted accordingly.

Unframed Prints will be shipped in a tube.

(not flat) to expedite the shipping process.

Please allow up to 6~8 weeks for delivery.

There is a chance that framed orders may take longer, depending on the number of orders.
We will contact those people individually.

Email us at if you have any other questions or concerns.

Monday, March 13, 2017

'Shine On' Mural at House of Blues in Anaheim.

'Shine On' mural is now complete at the new House of Blues in Anaheim, California, near DisneyLand.
The venue/restaurant/bar is now open to the public, so swing by and have a cocktail with them!
It was a great experience working on them while the venue was taking shape. It's extraordinary seeing how many people are involved in the construction and putting together of a beautiful space. I feel personally involved in the process, and am honored that my piece will remain there for the years to come.

Thank you House of Blues in Anaheim for this opportunity.
Thank you Merry Karnowsky of KP Projects for making this possible.
And thank you to my dear husband and assistant and professional gold-leafer, Robert Humm, for the hardwork and support.

More Photos below:

Friday, December 9, 2016

'Bloom' Mural in Miami, Florida.

Incredibly honored to have been invited to paint a mural at The Hotel of South Beach 
in Miami, Florida, during Art Basel week.
Thank you to Jessica Goldman of Goldman Global Arts for the experience.
This was part of Fearless Walls Event curated by Jessica Goldman of Wynwood Walls.

My wall is not in Wynwood area, but in South Beach, 
in the courtyard of The Hotel on the corner of 8th and Collins.
Feel free to visit and say hello to her, if your'e in the area. :)

See a Juxtapoze post by Sasha Bogojev here.

More pics below!

Thursday, November 17, 2016


My solo show 'Interlude' opened last Saturday,
at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, Los Angeles.
Along side Stella Im Hultberg's 'Hollow Resonance'.

Photos by Birdman from opening night on Thinkspace Facebook.

Show runs till December 3rd Saturday.

Full body of work can be seen, by clicking below:

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Archive Print Sale will be happening at 12pm PST today at Static Medium's shop site.

Here is a preview of what is available and the quantity of each: CLICK

There is a little over 120 prints. prices range from $120~$500.

Please keep in mind that because there is a limited amount available, things might get a bit competitive, and there may be hiccups on the website server. So please bare with us and we apologize in advance if you are unable to purchase one. We will be sure to have more prints available in the near future.

Once you are able to click into shopping cart, you have 10 mins to complete the order.
If the order does not go though, that print will be available on the shop for someone else.

Will keep you posted on my Facebook page.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Archive Print Sale

It's time for an archive print sale!
These are from past sold out limited print editions.
Most are AP's (artist proofs) and a few we've kept aside from the original edition.
These will be available for purchase:
Saturday, October 15th at 12pm PST on @ Static Medium's website.
(check here for the exact time and date for your time zone.)
Limit of one per person.
The prices are marked up from the original price according to rarity/worth, and to try to avoid flippers from grabbing and reselling them.
There will be framing options, which we've chosen to compliment the image. We've chosen either a black decorative moulding with a gold inner trim, or a light ivory moulding, depending on the print. Both have a bit of a dusty matte antique texture/finish. Conservationally framed with UV-coated acrylic. Acid-free backing and spacers are included to allow the print to breath. Scroll below to see the frames.
This is our first time conducting this kind of sale, so it's worth checking my blog and facebook page for updates on the day of the sale.
Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.
If there are any concerns or questions please email us at
Thank you for the support, always. <3

click HERE to see close-up of frames.